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Coneflowers are abundant from June through September.


It will be easy to reflect on our beautiful summer season by remembering all of the Teton Valley Wildflowers! With another couple of months before we hopefully embark on a beautiful Fall, we will be lucky enough to spot several varieties even  into the month of September.  There are many species of native wildflowers that grow within a few miles of Teton Valley Cabins, and if you climb in elevation, such as on your way to or  during your time spent at Grand Targhee, you will find a series of other sets who like it more intense –  with tolerances of harsher  wind, temperatures, and sun!  The best times to see wildflowers at their peak in Teton Valley is mid to late July,  but luckily, their longevity and heartiness allows them to stick around for quite a while. In addition, the higher you climb (by foot, or bike, or horseback hopefully,)  the later they bloom.  Finding these secretive gems is like a game of hide and seek, and once you are fortunate to experience them along with fresh mountain air you will find that the experience is hard to beat!

snowberry plant

Snowberries are hardy and grow best in sun and clay soils

purple daisy

Purple Daisies are common above 6000 feet in elevation

indian paintbrush flower

Indian Paintbrush, the state flower of Wyoming!

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