Driggs, Idaho Activities: Snow Fest 2016

driggs, idaho activites: skijoring
snow fest activities

Driggs, Idaho Activities: The Great Snowfest of 2016. If you have the chance while visiting, you should really take a stroll downtown and marvel at the snow sculptures that will emerge from the pounded giant cubes that are being presently compacted. They will soon grace the front area of the Driggs Community Center.  The process is incredible. I mean… is it not accomplishment enough to just simply exist and stand out in cold weather? Then you have the crazy “sportster” people, the ones who are driven by the snow and whose eyes start to twinkle at the thought of playing in powdery puff all day, much like children. Those folks are commonly referred to as  “winter outdoor enthusiasts.” You and I know them as  alpine skiers, Nordic skiers, snow bikers, (what!?!) snow mobilers, snowshoers, ice fisherman, and even winter runners, ah!

But then, there is very rare breed of people who stay outside for obscene chunks of time and actually imagine, envision, create, and enjoy beautiful pieces of art. Their medium, you ask? Yes…..duh…. SNOW! These blocks of compressed snow evolve with much time, planning and many snow tools (forks and spoons even)!  You should take the artists up on it – go downtown Driggs – to meander, mingle,  and converse about this glowing, warm and fun weekend…plopped in the middle of our frigid and frozen winter.

To give you a more broad and well-rounded perspective , The  5th Annual Great Snow Fest (Jan 22 – January 31)  celebrates the best of Teton Valley winter fun and highlights our greatest asset: SNOW! Tourists and community members alike will enjoy everything from Snow Sculpting demonstration to Skijoring competitions to a stage of the International Pedigree Stage Sled Dog Race and  more.  The festivities span two weekends, and offers fun, diverse entertainment and activities for the entire family.  Teton Valley’ community has collaborated to bring vitality to the region during the winter.

 This showcase of our snow-based amenities enables visitors and locals to celebrate Teton Valley’s deep history of snow recreation. (Plus the week includes several rockin’ parties!)  New to our region? Come play and stay in our winter wonderland on the western slope of the Grand Tetons, and get to know what makes us truly unique.  For those of you that call Teton Valley home, try something new like a Snow Plane Exhibition, Backcountry Film Festival, or a Nordic Ski Race, and enjoy all things snow!

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