teton valley pass failure due to landslide

Read this update from June 25rd 2024


Click the Link below to read an in depth update about the work being done on Teton Pass:


Teton Pass update: Progress on detour, mudslide containment

What seemed like a rude awakening to the start of summer in Teton Valley is now looking up. After the Teton Pass suffered a catastrophic failure, we heard rumors of a long-term closure. To our surprise, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) has announced that they will construct a temporary road alongside the shoulder where the road failure occurred to restore traffic flow. They have provided information suggesting that this process may only take 3-5 weeks. We are thrilled by the recent news, as it gives us the confidence that travelers can still visit Teton Valley and enjoy the best of both worlds.


If the pass happens to be closed for construction during your stay, an alternative route is to opt for a less-traveled path. Consider driving through Pine Creek Pass (US26 through Swan Valley) to Jackson Hole, Yellowstone National Park, and Grand Teton National Park. Although this route adds a few extra miles, the picturesque views make it worthwhile. Passing through Swan Valley allows you to make a stop for square-shaped ice cream cones, drive by the stunning Palisade Lakes in Alpine, and marvel at the breathtaking scenery, adding a touch of magic to your trip. When visiting Teton Valley, the key is to relax and absorb everything around you. Don’t allow a minor detour to deter you from your journey.

While the closure of the Pass may have seemed like a setback, we want to assure travelers that Teton Valley, Idaho has plenty more to offer than they may realize. Here are some must-see/do attractions to make sure you have a wonderful trip, perhaps even better than planned.

Plan to stay on the Idaho side?

Teton Valley Cabins has served as a home-away-from-home for many travelers looking to explore Grand Targhee, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone National Park, and Grand Teton National Park. Our central location allows visitors to combine these four destinations into one unforgettable vacation.

In Teton Valley Idaho, the experience is a vacation on its own. Enjoy awe-inspiring views of the Grand Tetons, tranquil river floats, hiking and mountain biking trails for every skill level, and much more! Let’s discover the wonders we have to offer so you can make the most of your entire stay, right here, on our side.

Discover the vibrant world of live music at every corner. Don’t be surprised if you go to grab your morning coffee and our local violinist at Rise Coffee House is playing in the yard to add some magic to your morning.

Looking for a fun night out? The Tetonia Club is the best-kept secret in Teton Valley. Join the locals for sunset vibes, craft cocktails, and live music with an outdoor venue that will keep you dancing until dark.

A new local Brewery came to change the game in Victor Idaho. Immerse yourself in a fun atmosphere with dance lessons, live bands, and a top-notch menu! Check out Guide Post Brewing’s Instagram to see what they have going on during your stay.

Grand Teton Resort offers summer fun for the whole family, with activities such as a kids’ club, lift access downhill mountain biking, music festivals, and more. Don’t miss live music every weekend at The Trap Bar located at the base of Dream Catcher while you’re there. There’s nothing like enjoying a beer and a basket of our famous WYDAHO fries on the patio with live music at the iconic Trap Bar after an exciting day on the hill.

Experience the Magic of Music on Main in Victor, Idaho

Enjoy free park concerts with music, tasty food, and entertainment for all ages! Every Thursday night from June, 20th to August 15th, starting at 7 PM and ending at 9:30 PM. Follow the Teton Valley Foundation on Instagram to keep up with all the M.O.M artists.

Help support Music on Main by donating at the entrance to support the musicians and the future of MOM.

Teton Valley Cabins proudly sponsors Music on Main. We accommodate many talented musicians in our cabins throughout the busy season. Every year, we are increasingly amazed by the array of artists that the Teton Valley Foundation has brought to perform in the park.

Every Saturday, immerse yourself in the artistic atmosphere of Teton Valley. Visit the weekly Art Markets featuring local artists in Downtown Driggs, drawing art enthusiasts from across the Western region. Explore unique mementos and find the perfect Teton Valley keepsake to cherish your visit.

We might have overlooked mentioning that we host one of the finest farmers’ markets in the area. The vast open spaces in Teton Valley enable our residents to cultivate fresh produce like eggs, vegetables, honey, and more right at home! Make sure to arrive early to have your pick of the freshest, locally-grown goodies available.

Is there more? Absolutely! We have an abundance of fantastic places to discover in Teton Valley. These are just a few glimpses of the many amazing destinations waiting to be explored! When you visit Teton Valley, whether you’re with family or traveling solo, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic trip. Expect to forge lifelong friendships and create lifelong memories.

See you in the Tetons!

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