Skijoring, an unfamiliar event to most, is at its core a race.

Pulled behind a horse and rider, skiers and snowboarders set out on a course, navigating turns, jumps, and chicanes in order to put down the fastest time possible.

Due to its rough and tumble nature, spectators can expect to see wild crashes, impossible tricks, and loud cheers.

‘The Grand Showdown’ will take place February 25th-26th at Tributary on the north end of Driggs. General admission tickets will go for $10 if purchased in advance or $15 at the event. Kids 12 and under receive free admission.

Parking will be available on the north side of Tributary each day beginning at 9 am, with races beginning at 11 am and going to around 4:30 or 5 in the evening.

The two-day competition will be the sum of a variety of divisions. Junior, novice, switch-a-roo (where riders and skiers switch roles between Saturday and Sunday), sport, snowboard, and open.Winners from each division will be awarded custom-made belt buckles and a worthy cash prize depending on their finish. Around 150 races will be held each day.

A bevy of auxiliary events will be happening around Teton Valley in the run-up and conclusion of the event with a registration banquet (complete with karaoke) occurring at Victor’s West Side Yard on Friday and an awards ceremony taking place at Tributary after the event. On Saturday night there will be a Calcutta betting auction held at Warbirds at the Driggs airport.

The course, designed by competitor Aaron Cisco and built by snowcross guru Nick Tonks, is situated in a natural amphitheater, chosen to give spectators the best possible vantage points instead of viewing from a level to the course position.

Two jumbotrons will also be set up to provide live video feeds, and an extensive array of food options will be available. Captain Ron’s smokehouse will be serving up eastern Idaho barbeque in addition to additional fare from Streetfood and Spoons.

Highpoint Cider, Grand Teton Brewery, Grand Teton Distillery, and Watkins Distribution will be serving beverages suitable for all ages. Teton Valley musician Karee Miller Jaeger will kick things off with the national anthem on Saturday.

Outside food and beverage is prohibited, but attendees and spectators are encouraged to tailgate outside of the venue.

Pine Needle Embroidery of Victor will be providing Skijor-branded soft goods as well.

Proceeds for the event will be donated to HAPI Trails, a local equestrian-focused nonprofit as well as the Mental Health Coalition of Teton Valley. The event is being organized through the Teton Valley Skijoring nonprofit, which has some grand plans for the event, hoping to grow the outing to something that can rival Victor’s Music on Main, with the potential to include Tetonia’s one-of-a-kind snowplane rally in the future events.

Dogs will not be allowed at the event site due to the expected high turnout, as well as to avoid any dog and horse incidents.

This should be a darn-tootin’, hootin’, and hollerin’ event and we are so happy you can stay with us at Teton Valley Cabins to enable the opportunity for you to see this spectacle firsthand.

We look forward to seeing you at ‘The Grand Showdown’ and the many other wonderful events this winter in Teton Valley!

For more information visit Tetonskijor.org or throw them a follow on Facebook or Instagram.
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