Victor Idaho Activities: Music on Main

singer at live music
an entertainer captivates the audience at music on main.

For seven Thursdays this summer Victor, Idaho will be buzzing and loud with activity, from a now household slogan known as Music on Main. To the outside visitor and passer by, this outdoor musical venue looks like a great way to grab some eclectic dinner in a mountain town and have some decent “people watching.” To the locals and long timers of the valley – it is a mainstay in the heart of our fundraising pulse. If you live in Teton County, you come to Music on Main to see your friends, land upon some dinner that you don’t have to cook and clean up after, and most importantly – you support the town in which you love to live and if you are like me, raise your kiddos in. For three more precious Thursday summer nights – join us in Victor City park and enjoy music, food, and small town, local-grassroots support.

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