Teton Valley Idaho Winters: Stay with Teton Valley Cabins!

Teton Valley Idaho Winters: Stay with Teton Valley Cabins! This season is well on its way to possibly being known as the winter that just would not quit. We all have a few stored away. What, you ask? We all have memories of certain years that we were were pounded with snow in the Rocky Mountains. Our nostalgia is linked with certain experiences that we will not soon forget. They likely include: family, friends, skiing, boarding, touring, holidays, or snowmobiling. If you are like me and grew up in these mountains, they shaped your childhood and are now carrying on to our offspring: the next generation of alpine kiddos. We didn’t have snow days that garnered schools to close. Freezing temps and feet of accumulation was normal operating procedure for us – we just packed extra layers in our backpacks. My oldest daughter was born in a February blizzard of 2008.That was the last real winter where I still shake my head , like it didn’t really happen. But indeed it did,  It would. not. quit.  I remember shoveling my walkway on Memorial day weekend and wondering where else I could possibly relocate.

Teton Valley Idaho Winters: Stay with Teton Valley Cabins!
Grand Targhee webcam on March 24, 2016

This winter has sent me twinges of the same feeling, not necessarily negativity and wanting to move (just because I was trapped inside with a screaming newborn) but it is replaced with wistfulness and wanting to seize  each surprising and late-season snowfall that leaves inches of happiness. Sure, we sometimes feel like we are trapped in an eternal snow globe and the next season has forgotten all about us here in Teton Valley, but we do need to breathe deep, and realize just how lucky we are.

So don’t forget us when your daydreaming takes you to the lifts of Targhee, or Jackson Hole, or to some unknown  backcountry lines. Stay with us. Your memories are precious, and we want to make sure that Teton Valley Cabins can play a part in them!

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