Teton Valley Cabins Sponsors Music on Main

Teton Valley Cabins sponsors Music on Main for the second consecutive summer here in beautiful downtown Victor. Music on Main is a staple of summer tradition in this Idaho town, now eleven years strong. Two summers ago we were approached by the Community Foundation of Teton Valley to become a lodging sponsor for the visiting headliner bands and we were thrilled at the opportunity.

singer on stage at music on main
an entertainer captivates the audience at music on main.


TVC is a local’s place. We want to be in the heart of the community and helping to uphold the traditions and annual events of this valley, all the while supporting the individuals who work so hard to make this stuff happen each and every year. Music on Main has become one of the leading fundraising events put on by this particular foundation and helps to fiscally grow incredible programming in our area for all ages. The icing on the cake, is that is a helluva fine time.

All through the year, whenever we drive past the city park of Vicotr, my daughters will shout and point from their seats, “there is the music on main park!” And it is true, this park has gained it’s identity through bringing free music to young and old alike. For about ten Thursdays spanning June through August, my family and I will load up in our car with some layers and a blanket and head down to treat our taste buds from vendors serving anything from fish n’ chips to lo mein noodles. Yeah, you heard me right – this isen’t your average carival food from the ’90s. Food trucks have stepped it up, and Victor Idaho on a weeknight is no exception to the rule.

At this press time, we are one week underway and Thursday only 36 hours from now. Look no further than here for the summer lineup. Whether you have lived here  (or over the bump on Jackson Hole) for 30 years, or are passing through on oyur way to Yellowstone, you should take in a session of Mucis on Main if the opportunity presents itself.

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