Teton Valley Cabins, It's Time to Get your HORSESHOES on….


horsehshoe pit
Ultimate horseshoe pit at Teton Valley Cabins


It is time to get your horseshoe on! We had winter and skiing, we had a mild but wet spring. Summer is here and what better way than to command your summer vacation than good company, a cold brew, and a game of horseshoes? That’s right, nothing beats it.

Well, Arturo, our main man here at Teton Valley Cabins who is responsible for our beautiful grounds, jacuzzi and the like Рjust built a beautiful, competition worthy set of pits on our property. It is begging to be abused by horseshoes, laughter, and happy people.

In addition to our pits, our gorgeous and welcoming fire ring and volleyball court. That’s right people, grab your friends, grab a stay at Teton Valley Cabins to truly grab this summer by the horns.


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