Driggs Idaho Activities: The Great Snowfest 2014

snow sculptors at work
Artists at work in downtown Driggs.


Driggs, Idaho activities: The Great Snowfest of 2014. If you have the chance while visiting, you should really take a stroll downtotwn and marvel at the snow sculptures that have emerged from the pounded giant cubes that sat last week, gracing the front area of the Driggs Community Center.  The process is incredible. I mean… is it not accomplishment enough to just simply exist and stand out in cold weather? Then you have the crazy sportser people, the ones who are driven by the snow and whose eyes start to twinkle at the thought of playing in powdery puff all day, much like children. Those folks are commonly referred to as  “winter outdoor enthusiasts.” You and I know them as  alpine skiers, Nordic skiers, snow bikers, (what!?!) snowmobilers, snowshoers, ice fisherman, and even winter runners, ah!

But then, there is very rare breed of people who stay outside for obscene chunks of time and actually imagine, envision, create, and enjoy beautiful pieces of art. Their medium, you ask? Yes…..duh…. SNOW! These blocks of compressed snow evolve with much time, planning and many snow tools (forks and spoons even)!  You should take the artists up on it – go downtown Driggs – to meander, mingle,  and converse about this glowing, warm and fun weekend…plopped in the middle of our frigid and frozen winter.




snow sculpture
Works of art! Truly!












sponsor list
It takes generosity of these sponsors to make this event possible!

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