New gateway for cabins near Grand Teton National Park

A new gateway for cabins near Grand Teton National Park has been erected and looks protectively over our lovely little spot here in Teton Valley. On Monday, June 9th, the entryway into the cozy and welcoming Teton Valley Cabins was replaced with new sturdy, strong and profound  pine logs to mark the entry to our hotel.

The proprietors of Teton Valley Cabins have known for  a few years that the beloved and familiar entryway beaming with “loud” charisma needed to be replaced, but they wanted to preserve it’s towering presence, because it has become so familiar to loyal repeat visitors.  Guests knew they were “home” when they would drive their car through the commanding log gate, welcoming them home after a day of travel and adventure.

entryway in progress
The construction in progress.

When the time came, thankfully before heavy crowds set in during the heat of a popular summer, Teton Valley Cabins was fortunate enough to have valley native Roger Kaufman, owner and operator of Kaufman Timber perform the task. The cool factoid about that- is that Kaufman was the one who implanted the original version over 20 years ago in the exact spot! When Teton Valley Cabins first opened for business, it was known as the Intermountain Lodge, and the Paul Bunyan-esque sign was easy to spot, very western, and quite attractive.

entryway in progress
Making the final touches!

If you are headed our way this summer to bask and frolic in the shadow of the Tetons, program your GPS, chat with Suri, or if you are old school, highlight your paper map….and when you get close, look for the towering entry calling you in. It is even equipped with electricity to brighten the inky dark summer nights. So even though we pride ourselves in hanging on the other end of the spectrum from Motel 6…” We’ll leave the light on for you!”

log gate
TVC Welcomes new entry gate!

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