Ski Wydaho and let us tell you why!

This winter you must ski Wydah0 and  let us tell you why!  There are so many obvious reasons of why you should lay your sleepy head at Teton Valley Cabins each night after you have spent the day on the slopes of Grand Targhee, but in case you have never been to Grand Targhee, or it has been a while, we wanted to give you a quick refresher of what makes it such a cool, low-key place with arguably the fluffiest and most copius amounts of powder on earth. As you drive towards the entrance gates of Grand Targhee, you quickly realize this place is not pretentious, never fancy, and thankfully not aloof. People are friendly and laid back and best of all…the snow speaks for itself and is the highest selling attribute of the whole place. That said, there are some amazing perks. Fairly new, two welcoming and large open air fire pits will call your name when you just need a quick thaw in between runs and before you hop on another chairlift to the top.

fire pit
skiers recharge with the welcome of warmth.

Fred, the Moose has been the long-standing and ever-present mascot of the mountain. Your kids will hear and read about him, and hopefully during your time up at the hill, you will get to rip or shred  some snow with him. A fun, energetic,c and comforting mainstay –  Fred will make your child’s day, or in my daughter’s case…her season!

Grand Targhee has the permitting abilities to offer you world-renown terrain by offering  a custom snowcat trip. This resort makes it so convenient for you to try something over thte top, unique, and unforgettable. By skiing or boarding untouched faces and ridges just adjacent to the resort, you can make lifetime memories with first tracks!

You can access backcountry ski runs and still get a chairlift ride for most of the way! For the enthusiast who needs just a bit more challnenge, a lift ticket or season pass will get you to the top of Fred’s Mountain via the Dream Catcher lift, and from there you can follow the route to the top of Mary’s Nipple, where you will gain a bit more vertical and thrill.

You guessed it. this mountain has it all. All the perks, comforts, conveniences and all with a genuine smile and no attitude. just a helluva lot of altitude.

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