Teton Valley Cabins welcomed storm of the season!

Teton Valley Cabins welcomed storm of the season last weekend when our region was pelted with snow for three straight days. Teton Valley Cabins hosted various snow enthusiasts from around the region, who were lucky enough to get to play in the cold smoke.

The storm announced its arrival on Friday about lunchtime with big, soft, fluffy flakes and didn’t dissipate until Sunday evening. Backcountry peaks and local resorts Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole were smothered in layer after layer after layer. If this quiet storm had been more loud, abrasive and on the coast – it might have even garnered a name.  In its wake – it left euphoric snowboards and skiers alike babbling for days and almost 60 inches of pure white gold piled high.

powder ski day
Light and fluffy fresh snow is any skier’s delight.

Perhaps the best part about dreaming of the memories that snowstorms like that one produce, is the antication and element of the unknown…of when the next one might come again and how much it much may deposit.  We will never know, but can only hope and wish and wait…for  when the next “big one” is predicted and starts to produce. To be ahead of the game,  make sure you and your crew are prepared and reserved to spend it at the base of the peaks – at Teton Valley Cabins – the local’s favorite and the natural home base.

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