Driggs Idaho Activities: Grand Targhee Cardboard Box Derby

If you are visiting Teton Valley in April,  mark on your list of Driggs Idaho activities: Grand Targhee Cardboard Box Derby.  For fourteen years, kids and “grown-up kids” have enjoyed participating in this creative tradition. Since 2000, Grand Targhee – arguably the most family-friendly ski resort in west has hosted the fun and exciting cardboard box derby on closing weekend. That was until now.

This year, the derby took place on the bluebird day with no wind and a temp in the high 50s. The date was Saturday, April 12th (yesterday as a matter of fact) and everything was as it should be. Except for the fact that this was not closing weekend. Thank you to the snow gods and goddesses, with such heavy snowfall in March, Grand Targhee will continue to keep the lifts running until a few days shy of May 1.

Yesterday, Grand Targhee boasted its largest collection of entries EVER with 20 vessels in the junior division alone.  Spectators watched dragons, dolphins, bobsleds, a catamaran and more pilot their way down the course in search of the most coveted bull’s eye…and ultimately a cash prize thanks to a purse created by an entry fee for the first year ever of ten bucks.


If you have the ability, you should make this tradition your family tradition. Reserve your room(s) at Teton Valley Cabins and participate in this unique event. Here is all the information you need to make this a raging success!

This is not a race! There are no points for speed. A panel of judges will rate each craft for originality, costumes, and construction. Of course you also need to finish with all your team members on board.Watch as cardboard artists and mechanics turn little more than cardboard, paper, tape, glue, and string into the most creative sculptures that you can think of like dragons, race cars, UFO’s, and other themes.Test your creativity by constructing a cardboard craft able to swoosh down the ski hill carrying you and your team members. The rules to building your craft are simple: constructed solely of cardboard, paper, glue, tape, and string. Sponsors names must be printed somewhere on the craft.

Your cardboard vehicle may be simple or complex with up to 4 adult (or 6 under 18 yrs of age) pilots to maneuver down the ski hill. Remember the more creative your craft the better your chances for winning. This will be a great way to end the season at Grand Targhee. Group entries are encouraged: bars, restaurants, motels, ski shops, coworkers, etc. There will be fun for everyone including music, outdoor sun tanning, watching the race and awesome spring skiing.

    Prizes will go to the top team in each category:

  1. Best Overall
  2. Best Spirit and Attitude
  3. Best Construction/Engineering
  4. Awards will be on the Main Plaza.

All cardboard crafts must be built solely of cardboard, tape, string, glue and paper. No Tyvek paper or any other material will not be allowed and will be disqualified. No exceptions! All sponsors must be printed somewhere on the craft.

  1. Teams may consist of 4 adults (or 6 kids under 18 years old) crew members.
  2. Crew members must wear non-hazardous clothing
  3. You must be 18 years old, or in the kid’s class, you will need parental consent and release form signed.
  4. The decision of the events committee concerning awards or disqualification is final.
  5. Un-sportsmanlike conduct is grounds for disqualification.
  6. Every participant must sign a liability waiver before competing.
  7. No strapping into the crafts.
  8. Teams must be able to stop their craft.
  9. All participants must wear a manufacturer made helmet, No exceptions!



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