Summertime at Grand Targhee Resort

Summertime at Grand Targhee Resort is a stellar part of the recreation package indeed. If you have experienced only the light powder, “cold” smoke” and bluebird spring days at the ‘Ghee, then you have only seen the first flick of the double feature, indeed.

Boasting incredible topography and terrain, summertime welcomes visitors to partake in activities that make up a list about a mile long.

You can: stay, eat, ride horses, hike or trail run plenty of vertical, catch a scenic charilift ride to the summit via the Dreamcatcher high speed quad, play disc golf, send your kiddos to kids camp and then… can bike.

Let’s talk about the biking for a second.

We are having a convsersaation about  the spot that claimed the Best Bike Park Award in 2013, and nabbeda spot in the top five in 2014 and ’15. With spectacular singletrack trails winding through wildflower meadows and miles of technical lift serviced downhill trails, Grand Targhee Resort established itself as the first downhill mountain bike destination in the Tetons.  During the summer months when the West is sweltering, Grand Targhee and the Tetons might be the most extraordinary, cool temperature riding in the lower 48!

Grand Targhee is the summer time place which allows one to explore over 2,200 vertical feet of lift-serviced downhill and 61-plus miles of multi-use trails for cross country and downhill mountain biking.The Grand Targhee Bike Park offers every style of riding for every level of mountain bike rider: Gentle, banked cruisers; tight and twisty singletrack cross country; gnarly, rock strewn downhill; drop offs; and much more.

Summertime at Grand Teton Resort also means music! now, lets not forget the incredible music festivals each summer.

The 13th Annual Targhee Fest, started in the summer of 2005 to draw on the musical spirit that exists under the shadows of the majestic Teton Mountains, Targhee Fest is the ultimate all-around mountain lifestyle and music festival in the Rockies. July 14th-16th, 2017Targhee Bluegrass Festival is celebrating 30 years of music this summer. Targhee Bluegrass is the Grand Daddy of Bluegrass Festivals in the Northern Rockies, combining great Bluegrass with the ultimate mountain lifestyle.

So when you are enjoying all of the ultimate recreational pastimes up at Grand Targhee, lay your head at night in the most comfortable, casual and affordable place in the valley. Come to our spot. Teton Valley Cabins. We have you covered, every time.

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