Teton Valley hosts eclipse visitors

eclipse route
Map of eclipse route and the intensity

Teton Valley hosts eclipse visitors at Teton Valley Cabins this weekend! As I sit here and write on Saturday evening, I think I am thinking the same thing that most residents in Wydaho are….is this the calm before the storm?  It seems almost eerily quiet around here. Even less crowded than any given summer day. Has all the hype driven away the masses? It has been conversed for about 18 months, how we will be one of the most intense regions for the one minutes and 41 seconds of scientific history.  Folks have prepared for traffic gridlock, stocked up on milk and batteries, even taken on extra gasoline. We have expected cell towers to go down and maybe electricity to flicker. Our local specialty market has been selling wine bottles wrapped in cellophane with eclipse glasses to boot since last Christmas.


Maybe. Not sure. As I drove through Jackson and Wilson and crested the top of Teton Pass to come home into Victor I oddly noticed only a few spots were clogged with parked cars, while other streets stood abandoned and lonely. It is a phenomenon in our tourist sector that will be analyzed and conversed about  for months to come, and it will all unfold really on Tuesday morning, the day after the massively anticipated phenomemon.


Regardless, we are full and happy at Teton Valley Cabins! Another summer of energized visitors taking in the fresh mountain air, spectacular National Parks, and intentional culture we have created here. If you have been with us for years, come on up and see us again. If you have never been able to spend time in these parts, we would be honored to host you. Do not be a stranger! Despite what may or may not  happen on Monday at about midday- The Tetons are hard to beat during any season…come and see us!

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