Top 10 activities in Grand Teton National Park

The top 10 activities in Grand Teton National Park can seem overwhelming… exciting. The good news is you can make it happen. The effort of your planning and smoothing trip logisitcs is done, you might as well get the most bang for your buck. I was lucky enough to grow up in Jackson Hole, just 20 minutes from the entrance gates, so luckily I have had decades to stretch out adventures and fun trips to the park. But I haven’t taken it for granted. I go back for more every summer and I wanted to share my top faves with you.

  1. Take a scenic float trip on the 10 most prisitine miles of the Snake River. Your neck will be sore from craning upward to see the innate detail of the Grand Teton and the rest of the range. The entire trip is within park boundaries.  It is a worthy 2.5-3 hours of your time. Guides are walking libraries of nonfiction facts and stories of the geology and the history of the area when it was first inhabited. There are only a few companies with permits to run this stretch. We think Solitude Float Trips does you right.
  2. Take in the majestic Jenny Lake with Jenny Lake Boating. The concession allows you access to get on the water for a short shuttle to the West dock to access hiking trails, or you can stay on board for about an hour scenic cruise.
  3. Take a day hike! there are countless trailheads of all levels available inside the park. Pick one, be educated about it – and enjoy!
  4. Climb a peak. Climbing peaks in the Grand Tetons can be the reason some visit this area. It is a bucket list item and a once in a lifetime experience. Exum Mountain Guides and Jackson Hole Mountain Guides are your experts here.
  5. Eat At Dornans near Moose, Wyoming. It is the most scenic bar and restaurant you may ever find. The perfect stop for a cocktail or dinner. They specialize in pizza and pasta dishes. There is a general store and gas station for convenience right there too!
  6. Stay at Signal Mountain Lodge. Plan ahead because these lakeside cabins book up, but you wont replicate a stay here.
  7. Visit the Laurance S. Rockefeller Center, and take the short hike to Phelps Lake. This originally was part a dude ranch belonging to the family, and later gifted to become part of Grand Teton National Park.
  8. Ride Horses at Jackson Lake Lodge
  9. Paddleboard, swim and picnic at scenic String Lake. This small lake is sandwiched between Leigh Lake to the north and Jenny Lake to the south. It is perfect for floating, swimming, canoeing,
  10. Donate some money at the Craig Thomas Visitors Center in Moose, Wyoming

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