Teton Valley Idaho, is winter gone for good?

Teton Valley Idaho, is winter gone for good? Heck no! For those of you old timers, or at least folks who have called Teton Valley home for a few years know that winter will return, and the second blast may very well be already on its way!

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These past two weeks have merely been a tease, a drop of water in the sea of thirst, and before we know it, we will be shoveling and dressing in layers and Gore-Tex soon enough. Memories of camping on Memorial Day Weekend and waking up to six inches of fresh precipice are not a far cry of what could happen again this Spring.



It never lies!

So powder hounds,  do not fret – and don’t brush all the hair off your horses TOO soon, because Jack Frost will find his way back West in the blink of an eye. He just lost directions and swayed from his path, spending a little too much time dumping in the East!

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Storms a comin’

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